Biogas is the most universal source of renewable energy.

Various energy carriers and valuable resources can be generated from sustainably grown renewable raw materials and organic waste under ecologically compliant conditions:

  • electricity and caloric energy
  • methane gas
  • fuel
  • agricultural fertilizer

Biogas is storable without loss, not subject to wheather conditions, and as well suitable for base as for peak load.


Introducing the patent protected Economizer SE technology, ECONOMIZER GmbH has created a new generation of biogas plants with outstanding ecological balance and economic efficiency:

Agricultural biogas plants,
processing cellulosis-rich and dry alternative substrates like straw, dung and draughty grass in varying composition without any problem

Industrial and municipal biogas plants,
which are able to convert a wide range of waste materials from domestic bio waste over landscaping rejects to hygienically hazardous waste

Industrial bio-fuel plants,
utilizing rejects from crop harvest and fuel production to create biogas as a resource for self- sustaining supply with process energy

Economizer SE plants can be applied as key technology module for new biogas systems as well as for upgrading and extension of existing biogas plants.